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From manufacturing attractive, long-lasting park furniture to engineering solutions for industrial applications, Xccent has been helping clients achieve value and enhance their business for over 30 years.

Our expertise in PVC molding, coating, powder coating and metal fabrication has driven us to engineer, develop, market and sell unique products into various industries. Our innovative technologies are the key to our high performance product characteristics and differentiation in the marketplace.

Extensive experience in our markets, provides us the ability to take on the toughest challenges. With our team of experts engineers and professional management, we insure the versatility you need to stay at the leading edge.

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Our outdoor fitness, marina, and site furnishings are the BEST in the industry!

Guest Reviews

We have really enjoyed the Xccent Playground. Our maintenance team appreciates the open areas of the system as we feel there will be less opportunity for graffiti on the play system. The system is always filled with kids and they are having fun.

Greg HoagPark Maintenance Superintendent

We recently replaced our old and tired wood play structure with the Xccent Play Fusion® and Triax system and couldn’t be more happy. We love the openness of the system as my playground monitors can visibly see the children at all times. Xccent Play was selected because they gave us the most variety of play options in one complete system.

Dr. Peggy A. WebberPrincipal - Osceola Elementary & Osceola Charter Preschool

The seniors in our community absolutely love the Xccent Fitness equipment we had installed in May.  It’s amazing to see them work through the programs and have fun doing it as well.  The equipment is sturdy and looks fantastic.  Thank you again Xccent for bringing this project together for us.

Jenna SchoderSenior Living Manager - Western Care Facilities

Xccent Fitness

Xccent Fitness is a provider of high quality outdoor fitness equipment designed and manufactured in the USA for use in municipalities, parks, schools, multi-family and senior living communities. Xccent Fitness’ Active Outdoor line consists of over 31 pieces of outdoor exercise equipment designed for adults and teens with the goal of improving strength, cardiovascular, stretching and balance. Xccent Fitness designed Motion Wellness Systems Senior Fitness Equipment for seniors to improve mobility, strength, posture, balance and coordination while reducing the risk of falls. Motion Wellness Systems is not just a piece of fitness equipment, it is a means to improve quality of life.

Xccent Marina

Xccent Metal Decking’s patent pending design delivers an ultra strong, environmentally-friendly decking surface with a life expectancy of up to 50 years that requires near zero maintenance under even the toughest fresh and saltwater conditions.

The expected life of a Xccent Metal Decking panel is 40 to 50 years. This far exceeds the 15 year life expectancy, or less, of other decking materials that will need to be replaced two or three times during Xccent Metal Decking’s lifetime. And ongoing maintenance on Xccent Metal Decking is near-zero. So Xccent Metal Decking not only protects you against the cost of multiple re-decking projects and regular maintenance costs, but it also saves on landfill and recycling charges common with other decking types. A marina or dock system with Xccent Metal Decking is truly a “clean marina.”

Xccent Site Furnishings

Xccent Play is known as a global leader in building quality Made-in-the USA playground equipment, outdoor fitness equipment, picnic area & site furnishings for over 30 years!  We have thousands of installed projects all across the globe.  We work with schools, parks and recreation departments, youth organizations and landscape architects to create outdoor playground solutions for everyone.  Contact one of our design experts today and see what we can do for you.